Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Office Workaholic

Hola amigos!

Crazy how fast summer is flying by! Work has made this summer go so fast. Although I don't work at an office job, I like to imagine what I would wear if my dress code was a little more formal. (Not a city tshirt and athletic shorts). This blog post is dedicated to that! So here we are with some neutral basics:

Although I'd wear flats to be more comfortable and appropriate!
Love how the skirt has faux leather on it! Makes it a great transition piece from summer to fall!

Top: Naked Zebra, TJMaxx, $12.99
Skirt: Joe Benbasset, TJMaxx, $12.99
Heels: Lauren Conrad, Kohl's, $44.99
Satchel: Steve Madden, TJMaxx, $29.99
Watch: Burgi, Christmas Gift, $???

To add some polish to the look, I opted for a low pony. I made sure there was some volume at the crown, so it didn't look lackluster and bleh.

The look without the bag.
Hope you enjoyed it!


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