Friday, June 20, 2014

Who, What, and Why

Hey guys!

This is my first ever blog post! How exciting! Just wanted to let you guys know what to expect, and a little bit about who's going to be running this blerg. First things first, my name is Yuliya {yoo-lee-ya} Ivan and I live in the Midwest. (Originally from Ukraine, hence the unamerican name, but that is another story.) I am a fresh-out-of-the-metaphorical-womb adult (turned 18 recently) and have a bit of free time this summer. I enjoy reading fiction novels, photography, hanging out with friends, as well as playing almost any kind of sports.

My goal for this blog is to showcase affordable, real-person fashion. There are plenty of fashion blogs out there, but they either don't show what someone would actually wear in their daily life, or each article of clothing is hundreds of dollars. This comes from the fact that I am from the Midwest, where style is secondary to comfort and practicality{ee}. (She used the name of her blog, how fun!) I will re-use a lot of pieces, because that is what people on a budget, without closets the size of the Vatican, do. I'm also gonna try to include the prices of clothes and where they are from (expect to see TJMaxx a lot).

My style, as you will hopefully see, is clean, simple, and comfortable. You will not see me in a fur jacket with leather pants and stilettos... not practical. I also don't like scarves for some reason. There are plenty of other accessorizing options. (If you're super into scarves, feel free to stop reading. Just kidding.)

I also would like to incorporate some dessert/food recipes, just because that is a part of my life, and I would love to share them with you! There might be travel ideas as well. (All on a budget!)

Comments and questions/concerns are highly encouraged! Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!


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