Monday, July 14, 2014

Messy Waves

Hello friends!

Sorry for not posting much, the weather has been awfully rainy, not great picture taking weather. However, I decided to provide some hair inspiration! Although I pretty much only have three hairstyles (down, athletic ponytail, athletic braid), this adds some variation because of the texture!
Messy Waves
I achieved this by showering in the morning and braiding my hair a little bit after. I left this overnight, and took it out the next day. For some people, it is possible to keep the braid in for about 10 min and it is wavy and gorgeous, while I really have to make sure my pin-straight hair holds the wave by keeping it in for over 24 hours. And even then, it is a hit or miss.

Here is a variation on the style, something that actuaaally takes 30 seconds (not those super complicated up-dos that, in real life, take about 30 minutes). Adds a little more polish to the look!
Nice and easy half up!
Great for a casual outfit, or to make it more fancy, add some jewelry, like dangly earrings!

Side view

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